“Septic tank Sam” refers to a john doe found within a septic tank close to Tofield Alberta in 1977, guessed to be between the ages of 26-40 and 5ft 6.

It was April 13th, 1977, Mr and Mrs McLeod were out attempting to find a pump for their new septic tank. They decided to attempt to look for it within another older septic tank that they had on the property. Firstly, when they open the tank, they see a wool sock, then a brown shoe which was strange. However, then a leg was seen which was attached to the shoe.

Septic Tank Installation in NJ | Hicks Septic Service
an example of a septic tank.

The water had to be removed by hand; they were noted as using “ice cream containers” to remove the water, which took about an hour. Once the water was removed, the body was also removed. The term for the john doe would be “septic tank Sam”…. For the rest of this article, he will be known as Sam.

An autopsy was completed, which showed Sam’s suffering, his bones and teeth suggest him having an illness from the age of five. Sam had been tortured; he had been beaten, tied up, burned, sexually assaulted. The sexual assault was so severe that the coroners could not tell the gender of the individual straight away. His cause of death was from two gunshot wounds to the head and chest.

He had been covered in “quicklime” which may mean the killer may have had a way to obtain the chemical compound easily. The killer, however, may not have understood the correct way to use the chemical, Quicklime is used to dry out the body, it can be used to decompose the body however other chemicals do this a lot better.

Within this situation, the body was in a location of water. In this case an exothermic reaction, but the killer may not have used enough concerning the tank. Causing the body to be preserved rather than decomposed. Sam was wearing a grey t-shirt, a blue work shirt, brown shoes and blue jeans.

Aditya Chemicals Quick Lime, Grade: 85% Cao Min, Packaging ...

Due to a lack of evidence in the septic tank, Sam was most likely murdered elsewhere. Sam’s murderers are believed to have known him, due to how he had been killed. It is also suspected Sam’s murderer or murderers were locals, this was due to the dumping site. It was said that Sam had been in the tank from anywhere from four months to a year.

It was theorised that Sam may have been travelling through the area and was not a resident; this was due to nobody claiming dental work or identifying Sam as a whole. Forensic experts examined his skull and sculpted a clay model of his face, in addition to the clay sculpture, several composite sketches were drawn up and shared throughout the country.

Despite best efforts Sam was not identified, in 1979 he was exhumed to reconstruct the skull and bones. This was completed by Dr Clyde Snow, which indicated Sam was likely from aboriginal heritage and around 35 years of age. This also led people to believe he was a migrant worker. No evidence was found to suggest that he was murdered on the property itself. The investigation is still ongoing, with the collection of DNAs.


Cyril Chan with his clay reconstruction of
Clay reconstruction of SAM.

The residents of tofield at the time where horrified, farmers checked their septic tanks for bodies. Some theories were brought forward; however, none have been proved.

Case reference: 2014001122
Reconstruction of Sam.

Theory number one.

Although no backing individuals from toefield, started to speculate that Sam was, in fact, a predator. However, if this were the reason people from the small town would have maybe spoken up regarding this event. Although if the residents from the town were too scared, this might not have happened.

Theory number two.

theory number two was related to sexual orientation and or infidelity, stating that the crime occurred due to an evil vendetta due to sexuality or the possibility of cheating. which may be why no leads have been found, due to the personal nature of the killing. no one may have known due to the possibility of only two people knowing about it, one of which is now dead.

Theory number three.

One theory states he could have been one of three missing men, Edward Arcand, chenel Dube, Etnest Pfaff.

Edward joseph arcand, was last seen leaving Coleman in 1969. His ford falcon was found in June or July of 1975. However, he was ruled out as being Sam, due to the fact Edward was missing 6 or more teeth and Sam’s teeth where mostly intact. Edward is still missing, if you have any information contact: RCMP- Crowsnest Pass Detachment (403-562-2866).

Chenel Dube, was last seen Montreal, Quebec on August 10, 1970. His vehicle a red 1964 Ford Econoline was found 3 days later in the parking lot of a restaurant in Ville St-Laurent. This person has not yet been ruled out and may be Sam. If you have any information, contact: Service de police de la Ville de Montréal: (514-393-1133).

Ernest Robert Pfaff went missing from Chatham, Ontario in 1973. Ernest left home at approximately 8 pm on December 31, 1973, to purchase a loaf of bread. He was driving a 1972 Ford Maverick, light blue in colour. This person has not yet been ruled out and may be Sam.

If you have any information regarding this case, contact Tofield RMP: (780)662-3353 

Reference Case: 2012502446

Further information:—alberta

Wendy Wolin.

Was New Jersey mob behind unsolved murders of two little ...
Wendy Wolin.

Wendy Wolin was 7-year-old, in 1966, she was stabbed to death in Elizabeth, New jersey in the middle of the day. This murder shocked the nation and unfortunately is still unsolved to this day.

On 8th of March 1966 Wendy was running some errands with her mother (Shirley). Shirley asked Wendy to meet her on Irvington Avenue and Price Street whilst she went to go and get the car. This area was very busy as it was an intersection, however this is where Wendy would lose her life.

A man approached Wendy, he was described as wearing a three-quarter length green corduroy coat, dark trousers and a felt hat. He walked with intent towards Wendy. When he got close enough, he thrust a hunting knife through her coat and into her body.

Wendy cried out in pain as the man continued to walk away as if nothing had happened. Three little girls witnessed the crime and ran to the local fire station and informed Edward F. Deignan what had happened. Edward rushed to be at the side of Wendy where she said she had been punched; Edward didn’t check Wendy’s injury. He led Wendy to the fire department, where the police arrived shortly after.

Elizabeth General Hospital (not used since 2000s).

The police (Sgt. Frederick Grimm and Patrolman Peter Melchione) loosened Wendy’s coat, that’s when they noticed the patch of blood on Wendy’s body. Wendy was rushed to Elizabeth General Hospital and carried into the emergency room where a team of six doctors worked to save her life, but Wendy died of shock and haemorrhage shortly before 5PM.

The autopsy showed that a sharp knife went into Wendy’s ribs and lacerated her liver, at the crime scene, a hunting knife was located. After the death of wendy, an investigation was called to locate her killer. Although the three witnesses were not adults, they managed to understand that the man was between 45-50 years old, 220lb, white and had grey hair. They also managed to note that the man walked with a limp.

No photo description available.
Sketch of the man in question.

An abundance of men where questioned, over 1,000. As well as this door to door questioning and public transport checks, were also implicated.

Elizabeth, new jersey was changed by the killing of Wendy, the city was always described as quiet, with not much happening. One Elizabeth official said: “If there was ever a case that that robbed a community of its innocence, this was it.”

The death of Wendy shook the city, her funeral was held in Temple B’nai Israel, and she was subsequently buried in Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodbridge.

Was New Jersey mob behind unsolved murders of two little ...
Wendy’s grave… located in Beth Israel cemetery.

Suspects and theories.

Originally it was speculated that the killer was the same man who had attacked two other girls earlier on in the day (Patricia Lavolpe) (Diana De Nicola). Both these girls survived, but the man was never found. The man was suspected of leaving town on a bus, which sparked a massive chase. The case went cold and the man was never caught, after this theories lessened until it wasn’t discussed anymore.

In October 1995, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office said it had a suspect, based on tips provided by the unnamed Elizabeth woman who was at the scene when Wendy was stabbed. The tip from the woman resulted in an unidentified man being brought in for questioning. He was never charged, due to him passing to polygraph tests and no comment on the situation was released.


Wendy’s death remains unsolved; we may never understand what was going through the killer’s mind. Was the murder premeditated or random? Questions like this will baffle everyone and the city of Elizabeth.

A small display of rocks and flowers, funded and built by Elizabeth, now marks the spot of the murder near Prince Street and Irvington Avenue. Wendy’s sister and stepbrother gathered there Thursday to dedicate the site.

Further information.

Karlie Gusē-Bishop.

Karlie Gusē was a 16 year old girl, who lived with her father Zac, stepmother Melissa and younger siblings. On Friday 12th October 2018, Karlie told Zac and Melissa she was going to a football game. However, instead of going to the game, she headed to a gathering with her friends and boyfriend, where they hung out and smoked marijuana.

Karlie and her stepmother Melissa Guse.
Karlie and her step mother Melissa.

According to reports, Karlie began acting paranoid and scared of those around her, her boyfriend disclosed how she was afraid of the music and him. Karlie called her step mother and begged her to pick her up, melissa eventually found her running frantically down a dark road. When Karlie got into the car, she began acting erratically, swapping seats numerous times and fearing Melissa would kill her.

Karlie Gusē-Bishop.

When Karlie returned home, her father and step mother discuss her acting strange and asking them to call the police. (they never did call the police).

Karlie stepmother stated that Karlie eventually calmed Karlie down that night and even slept in her room with her all night. She wanted to make sure she was OK.

At around 5:30 a.m. the following morning, Melissa reportedly woke up and when she looked over, Karlie was next to her, lying awake. Melissa said she dozed off again, then woke up at around 7:15 a.m to 7:30 a.m. to find Karlie missing.

Apparently Karlie was in contact with her boyfriend all night texting strange things such as “pray, pray hard” and “”No, but she will be”. It was claimed by Karlies father and stepmother that they searched for her for two hours around the local area, then calling Karlies mother (Linsey). Linsey urged Melissa and Zac to call 911 and report her missing.

When the missing person’s report was finally made, Mono County Sheriff’s Office began a mass search effort to try locate Karlie. Through asking around, they found three witnesses who claimed to have seen a girl matching Karlie’s description. One man who was in his Jacuzzi, saw a young girl holding a piece of paper. The other individuals described what the girl was wearing, both descriptions matched.

“Have you seen Karlie Guse”

Police reported that Karlie had been seen walking in the direction of U.S. Highway 6. The Mono County Sheriff’s Office launched a search with helicopters, search dogs, and off-road vehicles.

So what are the theories? Well… there are a few combined theories…..

The first theory involved the use of something more then marijuana at the party on the 12/10/18. This could be more like psychedelics, which could explain karlies strange behaviour on the night of the 12th, as well as leading to her disappearance. However Karlie had done marijuana before, but this doesn’t rule out what she might have done/tried behind closed doors.

The second theory is actually backed up by Karlies mother, Linsey stated “I believe my daughter had a fatal drug overdose . . . and I believe that very early morning, Melissa saw her with her eyes open, and I think that’s when my daughter passed.” Indirectly stating her ex partner and Melissa attempted to cover up the death of her daughter.

Both Zac and Melissa claim they have no idea where Karlie is, while Lindsay has her doubts about their story. Lindsay appeared on Dr. Phil earlier this year, Stating that the Zac and Melissa changed their timeline and version of events several times. This was details such as what Lindsay was wearing to what time she woke up.

karlie lain guse

A $10,000 reward has been offered for any information about her disappearance. If you have any information that could help, please contact the Mono County Sheriff’s Office at 760-932-7549.

Further information:

Amber Alyssa Tuccaro.

Amber Alyssa Tuccaro was born on January 3, 1990 in northern Alberta, Canada. She was adopted as a child and welcomed into a loving family.  Amber was always happy and shiny being described as the “apple of her mothers’ eye”.

Amber grew up to become a mother to her lovely son named Jacob. She took her job as a mother very seriously, she would try to find a permanent place to raise her son, but she would find this very difficult. As a result, Amber would stay within unity housing (a place that supports individuals)

On August 18th, 2010, 20-year-old Amber disappeared from Alberta. Amber planned to travel from Fort McMurray to Edmonton. Jacob and a female friend travelled with her. Amber decide to hitchhike into Edmonton that night, leaving her son Jacob with her friend. When Amber didn’t return the next day, her friend called Amber’s mother.

Ambers mother then called the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). They released a minute-long phone call (in 2012), this showed Amber had on her phone while traveling with an unidentified man, this phone call was between Amber and her brother. The reason this had been recorded was due to her brother being in prison.

Listen to the recording below….

This original recording was between 10-17 minutes long, but only one minute was released, once in 2012 and again later. The police stated this recording could really help to identify the man in the car, which can be heard on the recording.  

The remains of four indigenous women have been found in the Leduc area over a 13-year span. RCMP believes that the murders may be connected and is investigating the possibility of a serial killer.

The RCMP continues to investigate the case and is always interviewing new individuals regarding information. In 2020 a man came forward, he believes his father may be responsible for a missing few people, including Amber. The claims have since been deleted and neither the man nor his father have been identified. The man’s father has not been named a suspect or person of interest.

 Ambers mother says she welcomes all tips in her daughter’s case and is convinced that as more people hear the recording, someone will come forward with information that will lead to an arrest. She continues to post the audio recording everyday on her social media.

Those with information regarding the case can contact Alberta RCMP at 780-412-5261 or Leduc RCMP at 780-980-7267. Tips can also be called into Project KARE at 1-877-412-5273 or 780-509-3356 or submitted anonymously via Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Further information.

Amber hangerman

Amber was a 9-year-old girl; she was an honour student and was also involved in the girl scouts. She was described as a fun-loving little girl and a great big sister to her younger brother Ricky.

On the afternoon of January 13th Amber and Ricky decided to ride their bikes, their mother said this was fine if they stayed close by. They rose to an abandoned shop, which was not close by at all.

After a while, Rickey decided to ride back home; amber stayed in the area. Jim Kevil, a 78-year-old retiree, was in his backyard not far away. He stated, “I saw Amber riding up and down,”. “She was by herself. “I saw this pickup. He pulled up, jumped out and grabbed her”.  Jim was 78 years old, and he couldn’t stop the event that happened instead he called the police. Jim described the man as was white or Hispanic, between 25-40 and the truck as “dark”. Police arrived within a minute or two, even before the grandfather of amber.

Three days later, after the abduction, the body of amber was found laying in a ditch. A man walking his dog stumbled upon her body in a creek behind Forest Hills Apartments, less than five miles from the parking lot where Amber had last been seen. The autopsy revealed that Amber had been kept alive for two days after being taken. She had been beaten and sexually assaulted before her throat was cut, and her body was tossed into the creek.

Local police were joined by volunteers and the FBI in the massive search that followed. A truck like that of the kidnapper had been spotted outside a nearby laundromat before Amber was taken, but investigators never located the vehicle. Experts say that stranger abduction is rare. They are also among the most challenging cases to solve, even with an eyewitness and investigators.

Amber hangerman.

Since 1996, a killer has roamed free. Has he killed again? Is he free or incarcerated? We may never know. Roughly 8000 leads in Amber’s case have been investigated. And despite the hard work of nearly 50 police officers and federal agents, Amber’s case remains unsolved.

Amber Alert System

 If anyone has any further information, please contact the Arlington police at 817-459-5373.

The Amber Alert System was made and named after Amber herself. is a message distributed by a child abduction alert system to ask the public for help in finding children, In 2000, an official Amber Alert program was made and around 240 children were rescued from abductions?

Further information.

Andre Jan Aylward

Andre Jan Aylward.

Andre Jan Aylward was a 27-year-old male, he owned a popular pet shop in Streatham. Andre lived at home with his parents and siblings in Streatham.

He spent a lot of time and money on his car, any really enjoyed driving it around the local area.

 Andre was shot in his car on early Saturday morning on May 12th as he was driving home. His car was a black 5-series BMW, which had blacked out windows.

He was shot his car collided with other cars, mainly parked. Andre was taken to king’s college hospital where he died from a gunshot wound to his head.

 His father, Alan Aylward, a research physicist at University College London, said: Jan was a quiet and shy boy and spent his evenings and spare time on his hobby which was working on his car and especially the in-car sound system.

“I have spoken to several of his customers at the pet shop and everyone is very shocked that something like this has happened.”

The police said that they found nothing in his background to suggest that he had been involved in any criminal activity. It was thought that the attack might have been a case of road rage or mistaken identity. His car was very like local gang cars, this is where the theory of mistaken identity arose from.

Detective Chief Inspector Ken Pandolfi said: “Andre’s callous murder has left his family completely devastated and baffled as to why anyone would want to kill him.”

Where you in the area of Streatham, at about 1:20am on Saturday May 12th 2001. Any information can help in relation to the murder of andre, give this information to 020 8247 8261, or Crime stoppers anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Further information

Lauren Spierer.

Lauren Spierer was born in January 1991; her parents are Charlene and Robert Spierer. Lauren grew up in Scarsdale, New York and graduated from Edgemont high school in 2009.  Lauren was active in the Jewish community and had a circle of friends and a boyfriend, named Jesse wolf.

On June 3rd, 2011, Lauren was out with her friends drinking in downtown Bloomington. Her boyfriend was not with Lauren, but instead was texting him until he went to sleep in the late evening/early morning.

the Kilroy sports bar.

This was the last time Lauren was seen, she continues to be missing as from 2019. A timeline from that night was able to be made from surveillance footage in the area.

At 12:30am, witnesses saw Lauren leave her apartment with one of her friends they both head towards Lauren’s neighbours’ residence. The next camera saw Lauren at 1:46 am, she was seen entering the Kilroy sports bar and exits at 2:27am without her phone or shoes.

Between 2:30am and 2:48am she was seen entering and leaving Smallwood plaza apartments, she enters an ally that runs between college avenue and Morton street.

Lauren Spierer seen on surveillance footage.

At 2:51am she arrives at another apartment, this is where drunken endeavours happened, and Lauren insisted on walking back to her own apartment, she hasn’t been seen since. Her boyfriend at the time reported her missing after he had received no contact with Lauren.

The next day there was a search called for Lauren and Lauren’s parents joined in on this search, a reward of $1,000 was also issued, nothing was found. In August, a 7-day search was arranged in the Sycamore Ridge landfill site. Unfortunately, nothing was found.  People continued to search for Lauren even months after her disappearance.

A year after the disappearance, her name was becoming a thing of the past however, Lauren’s case is still attempted to be solved.

Suspects and leads

In the first couple of weeks no suspects where formally identified, the parents of Lauren always talked and gathered at press conferences looking for their daughter.  This case is still open, and as of May 2013, the investigators had received up to 3,000 tips on the disappearance.

Despite the lack of suspects, there are still theories regarding this case including her own circle of friends could be involved. Jesse, Lauren’s boyfriend, was very keen to help the police as firstly suspected the boys Lauren was with that night. This was mainly since the boys hired lawyers very early on which put up barriers, rob said this was very strange.

The boys that Lauren was with that night include Jason Rosenbaum, Corey Rossman and Corey Hamersley still all remain suspects in this disappearance. Also, Jesse is still a suspect despite his alibi.

The most recent update on Lauren’s case involves 35-year-old Justin Wagers, who has been arrested in the past on public indecency charges. A Bloomington detective sought a DNA swab from Wagers, whose property had already been searched by FBI agents.

Ex-con James McLeish took a lie detector test, he reminded calmly throughout the trial and he appeared to tell the truth. “I wish you guys the best of luck, I do,” McLeish said after the test was over.

Another theory was that Lauren was on the receiving end of a biker gang. This link was made after tips from a former member of the group however, this theory was never proven, and no new evidence surfaced from the tips.

The investigation is still in early days and is likely that it can be solved and maybe Lauren can be returned safely back to her sister and parents.

Lauren and her mother and father.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Lauren, use the contact information below to inform the correct individuals.

  • Bloomington Police Department 812.339.4477
  • Beau Dietl & Associates 800.777.9366
  • Find Lauren P.O. Box 1226 Bloomington, IN 47402-1226
Further information

DeFoor family murder.

Mr Martin Defoor and Mrs Susan Defoor.

Martin Defoor and his wife Susan Defoor lived in the neighbourhood of Bolton just on the outskirts of Atlanta. The Defoor’s where known as a simple and quiet family and where not known to have many if any enemies.

When the moved into Bolton they took over the Montgomery ferry and their house was one of the oldest in the county.

They had one grandson named martin, Martin passed his grandparents’ house on the morning of July the 26th  1879 and noticed that they had not awoke (which was unusual for the couple).

When martin went to investigate, he found his grandparents, he found them laying in their own blood. The couple had been attacked by an axe when they slept. Martin described that their heads where almost cut off, the axe used in this attack was in fact Martin’s own axe which was left in the fireplace.

Area of burial for the defoors

On July 27th, the New York Times ran an article under the headline, “An Aged Couple Murdered. Found Dead in Bed with Their Throats Cut No Clue to the Criminals.”

New York times article –

a motive was never discovered the first theory was in fact a robbery. However, this was ruled out due to belongings still being found at the home, including gold and silver and $18. This amount of money would be about $500 in 2019, which was quite a lot of money.

Clues that where around the house insinuated that the killer or killers, where in fact in the house hiding. These clues include human excrement, messy beds and footprints.


The killer was never identified due to the family having no enemies, regardless many of theories have arisen. Newspapers claimed that a man named joe Johnson can confessed to the murders, however this was proven false. – newspaper articles.

At the time of the murder traveling vagrants where questioned, a piece in a July 30 newspaper warned of “The Danger of Tramps” and drew a clear connection between the homeless and the DeFoor murders.

As from 2019, the murders remain unsolved and there had been no confessions no hanging and no arrests.  Psychics have sworn to have seen Susan the wife of Mr DeFoor which wonders the place where the DeFoor house once stood. This year counts the 140 year of the murder being unsolved, this murder may never be solved.

Further information

Mary Rogers.

Mary Cecilia Rogers also known as the beautiful cigar girl, was a 22 woman from Connecticut. Mary was an only child, her parents where James Rogers and Phoebe Rogers. When she was 17, her father died tragically in a steamboat explosion. At 17 she started working in a tobacco shop in the city of New York, she was paid generously mainly because of her attractiveness.

Newspaper article from the time of her death.

She disappeared once before her murder, on October 5th, 1838. The sun in New York covered the story of the young girl; however, she resumed working at the Tobacco shop soon after her initial disappearance.

On July 25, 1841, Mary told her fiancé (Daniel) That she would be visiting family and would be back soon.  3 days later, on July 28th Mary’s body was found floating in the Hudson River. From then on, her death was all over the news, she was referred as the “beautiful cigar girl”.

Her face was beaten and swollen, she had also in fact been raped. Mary had started to decompose, meaning she had been dead for a number of days.   Theories started to be passed around, referring to Mary’s murder.

One theory was that she was murdered and dumped in the river, the other was that she died as a result of a failed abortion.  One of the latest theories was that she was the victim of gang violence. Daniel, Mary’s now widowed fiance committed suicide. He left a note Near Sybils cave, which read “to the world, here I am on the very spot. May God forgive me for my misspent life”.


Edgar Allan Poe’s story based on mary’s death.

As from 2019, the murder remains unsolved. No suspects where ever put forward and theories were ruled out.  Later, another theory came to light, that Mary had, in fact, had an abortion and died in the process. This could have explained why individuals thought she had been raped, the procedure might have been a success, but because of complications she died.

However, this theory was never taken seriously, it’s likely the mystery of who killed Mary Rogers will never be solved.

Drawing of mary rogers.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote a fictionalised story based on the death of Mary named “The Mystery of Marie Roget”. Edgar changed the details to Paris with a murder victim named Marie Roget.

further information

clocaenog Forest Man.

map of clocaenog forest.

The clocaenog forest is a forest located in west Denbighshire in wales. The name of the forest comes from the village located nearby near Ruthin. The forest has a handful of history and events connected to it, the youngest victim of peter Moore. A 47-year-old man also committed suicide in the forest.

The clocaenog forest man is the description of an unidentified man found in the forest of clocaenog, despite local searches in the forest the body had been undiscovered for at least 20 years.

On November 14th 2015 the skeletal remains of the male were discovered by two brothers, Andrew and mark middle. The brothers wherein the forest as they were watching the 2015 wales rally, during late evening mark was out collecting firewood when he stumbled across a skull.

clocaenog Forest.

The skull was human, covered in moss and barely visible, Mark contacted the local police at 20:35pm. One of the first police officers on the scene concluded that it was the skull of a male and that he had been decomposing since 1995 and 2005.

Shortly after the discovery, a large-scale search was called, the Skellington was almost extracted in full. Unfortunately, the skull didn’t bring any matches forward, and no person on the missing persons list matched either. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, most probably with an object. However, the man seemed to have been murdered elsewhere and placed within the forest.


The identity of the man was discussed, and it was concluded that the skeleton was:

  • Male
  • Over 54 years old
  • 5ft 8inch – 5ft 10inch
  • Lost teeth – a unique set of teeth, dental records are available to the public due to the unique work on the teeth.
  • Arthritis was present

Some items of clothing were found nearby, which included:

  • Dark green jumper
  • Dark red underwear.

Developments and suspects

In 2015, the death was ruled as “suspicious” in 2015 the information regarding an alleged identify was revealed to the public.  the senior investigating officer, Mr Hanson said: “I am conscious at this stage the description of the man is minimal, and initial indications suggest his remains have been in the forest at Pentrellyncymer for several years.”

In 2016, the dental records were released to the public to help identify the man. The leading individual on the case at the time, Mr Chesters stated “We believe the male had crown work undertaken and the procedure is thought to have been commonly used in the UK between 1980 and 2000,”

the Dental charts connected to the skull.

Also, in 2016, the jumper and underwear at the scene were discovered to be from marks and Spenser brand.  Later, in 2016, a sketch was released showing the way the man may have looked when he was alive.

facial reconstruction of the skull

In 2017, police confirmed that they had been contacted by, and met with, serial killer Peter Moore following his claims that he knew the identity of Clocaenog Forest Man.

However police later claimed that peters information didn’t add up and seemed very implausible.

On Friday 16th of November 2018, a renewed murder appealed was released, the Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Iestyn Davies of the Major Incident Team, said: “It’s been three years since the body of a man was found in Clocaenog Forest. He remains unidentified.”

This informational video can be found in the further information area. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact 0300 330 0101 or anonymously on 0800555111.

Further information

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