clocaenog Forest Man.

map of clocaenog forest.

The clocaenog forest is a forest located in west Denbighshire in wales. The name of the forest comes from the village located nearby near Ruthin. The forest has a handful of history and events connected to it, the youngest victim of peter Moore. A 47-year-old man also committed suicide in the forest.

The clocaenog forest man is the description of an unidentified man found in the forest of clocaenog, despite local searches in the forest the body had been undiscovered for at least 20 years.

On November 14th 2015 the skeletal remains of the male were discovered by two brothers, Andrew and mark middle. The brothers wherein the forest as they were watching the 2015 wales rally, during late evening mark was out collecting firewood when he stumbled across a skull.

clocaenog Forest.

The skull was human, covered in moss and barely visible, Mark contacted the local police at 20:35pm. One of the first police officers on the scene concluded that it was the skull of a male and that he had been decomposing since 1995 and 2005.

Shortly after the discovery, a large-scale search was called, the Skellington was almost extracted in full. Unfortunately, the skull didn’t bring any matches forward, and no person on the missing persons list matched either. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, most probably with an object. However, the man seemed to have been murdered elsewhere and placed within the forest.


The identity of the man was discussed, and it was concluded that the skeleton was:

  • Male
  • Over 54 years old
  • 5ft 8inch – 5ft 10inch
  • Lost teeth – a unique set of teeth, dental records are available to the public due to the unique work on the teeth.
  • Arthritis was present

Some items of clothing were found nearby, which included:

  • Dark green jumper
  • Dark red underwear.

Developments and suspects

In 2015, the death was ruled as “suspicious” in 2015 the information regarding an alleged identify was revealed to the public.  the senior investigating officer, Mr Hanson said: “I am conscious at this stage the description of the man is minimal, and initial indications suggest his remains have been in the forest at Pentrellyncymer for several years.”

In 2016, the dental records were released to the public to help identify the man. The leading individual on the case at the time, Mr Chesters stated “We believe the male had crown work undertaken and the procedure is thought to have been commonly used in the UK between 1980 and 2000,”

the Dental charts connected to the skull.

Also, in 2016, the jumper and underwear at the scene were discovered to be from marks and Spenser brand.  Later, in 2016, a sketch was released showing the way the man may have looked when he was alive.

facial reconstruction of the skull

In 2017, police confirmed that they had been contacted by, and met with, serial killer Peter Moore following his claims that he knew the identity of Clocaenog Forest Man.

However police later claimed that peters information didn’t add up and seemed very implausible.

On Friday 16th of November 2018, a renewed murder appealed was released, the Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Iestyn Davies of the Major Incident Team, said: “It’s been three years since the body of a man was found in Clocaenog Forest. He remains unidentified.”

This informational video can be found in the further information area. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact 0300 330 0101 or anonymously on 0800555111.

Further information

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